COVID 19 Response

2020 was  a strange year for everyone. The COVID-19 cries has completely shaken up the world and how we face every situation. As we take steps forward to a new normal, we are each taking steps  that have been encouraged, or in some situations mandated by the CDC and other health organizations. 

While the CDC hasn't exactly set any motions forward to musicians, Chase realizes that he plays a pro-active part in the response to this crisis, and how he interacts with his clients and their patrons and guests. 

Chase has immediately instituted the following:

* Chase Received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine
* A QR code available at shows for guests to text any musical requests they have from a safe distance
* Keeping a safe distance at all time from patrons, and limiting communication
* Venmo payment options for both the venue, as well as tips (Cash App & PayPal also available)
* Chase will wear a mask when not performing
* Deep cleaning of all performance equipment and stage area as needed
* Early Setup/Late Teardown as needed to offer extended social distancing

If you have any questions regarding these new procedures, feel free to call or text (252) 258-5998 or e-mail for immediate response! Thank you for your support.